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George R Parsons

School of Marine Science & Policy

Journalists: Andrea Boyle Tippett (UD Media Relations) can assist with interview requests for this expert. 302-831-1421,

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Professor, School of Marine Science and Policy
Professor, Economics

In The News:
Ocean City looks ahead to summer - and tourists up for grabs (Baltimore Sun)
Why electric cars will fail... and have already triumphed (Scientific American)
Cash-for-clunkers rebates offered on new appliances (USA Today)
Cash for Clunkers fails to help economy and environment (Wall Street Journal)

UDaily Articles:
Limited range, long charging time concerns for potential electric vehicle customers
NSF grant supports research on sustainable urban estuaries
Federal funding to UD supports oyster farming in Delaware's Inland Bays

economics, electric vehicles, environmental, ocean, renewable energy, wind power